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Five  Fifty  Five 

Making media that makes an impact



Five Fifty Five is committed to honouring tradition, using classic film techniques to tell groundbreaking stories that make change. Our film/TV department creates edgy content while our commercial department focuses on pairing big money with big causes.

Today, Five Fifty Five operates an independent film company, a cutting edge commercial agency, and an innovative development hub known as Type Tank: a diverse network of writers, specialists and producers that spans 5 contents, working collaboratively to create impactful content. 

As a female and minority led media company, Five Fifty Five uncovers silenced narratives and pioneers new technologies to get to the heart of every story, shifting today’s perspective on age-old-tales.

Meet the TEAM


Kate Baxter

Founder & Managing Director

Kate Baxter is an award-winning actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur, and has returned to the entertainment industry after several years working at the UN and various sustainable energy organisations. With her previous business strategy and integrated policy work spanning 5 continents, Kate launched Five Fifty Five in early 2017, leading the team with her expertise in strategy, analysis, and de-risking investment coupled with her passion and creativity in storytelling. Kate and team have produced over 25 productions to date.

Before her move to London to head the strategy department at a leading renewable energy company, Kate was based in China as the Director of a programme led by the US and Chinese central governments and remains as a member of their Advisory Board. Kate is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.


Carlotta Merzari

Head of Commercial

Carlotta Merzari is an award-winning producer for commercials and branded content. Originally from Verona, Italy, she studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts, New York and Cinematography at the MET Film School, London. After graduating from MET she worked for several years as camera technician on high profile feature films and commercials before moving on to produce short and adverts. She has completed a number of commercial productions for the likes of Under Armour, Reebok, eBay, Marriott’s, The Times and Sunday Times, RFE, VICE Magazine, The Guardian, Calzedonia & NCS Trust. She runs the commercial department at Five Fifty Five productions, with focus on business development and creative direction.  Since 2015, she has also worked as a video artist on contemporary opera projects alongside some of the most influential classical music artists in the UK theatre scene, including Jennifer Walshe, Philip Venables and Laura Bowler. Carlotta is leading a social-enterprise to open a community cinema in Verona and is working on her debut short film.


Adrian Shankar-Filho

Head of Development

Adrian Shankar-Filho, has directed, filmed or produced over 20 short films and music videos, starting out by capturing the mass protests in Brazil in 2013-14. He then spent three years working on the refugee crisis, filming in refugee camps from Calais to Paris to Belgrade, and further on into Greece, Lebanon and Jordan. He joined Five Fifty Five Productions in 2018, and is now in development to direct his first narrative feature, The Ticket.

Joëlle Dong, Jr. Creative

Joëlle Dong studies International Relations and Literary Arts at Brown University. She founded Brown Studios, a web TV production studio and film collective. She also serves on the board of Brown Motion Pictures, the Ivy League’s largest film production house.  She's from the San Francisco Bay Area where her journalistic work was published in the San Jose Mercury News and Palo Alto Weekly. She's won national awards for her features and multimedia stories. Joëlle spent two years on the board of the California State Thespian Society where she led recruitment efforts, taught leadership skills to students statewide and advocated for arts education at the State Capitol. This summer, she is assisting Kate and Carlotta in both the film and commercial departments.  She is shooting a short film she wrote this August, to be completed by mid-September.