London Design Festival: Creating design team for Deaf & Blind on Feature Film

Event Announcement: five-fifty-five productions for London Design Festival in coordination with Dyson School of Design Engineering

For those unable to come to the event for whatever reason, it does not limit your opportunity to be involved on the design team. We will come to you! Contact us with the info below and we can arrange a separate meeting.

At five-fifty-five productions, we are thrilled to announce our work on a feature film exploring deaf and blind experiences. In coordination with this weekend's Design Festival here in London, we are hosting an opportunity for those who are deaf and/or blind to become involved in one or both of our two design teams for this film. The first opportunity is to support in designing a way to help audiences experience what it is like to be deaf and/or blind through film, while the other opportunity is to support in making this particular film, and potentially films in general, more accessible to those who are deaf and/or blind.

We will be discussing both projects this weekend, with further information below. Please ensure you RSVP for catering purposes, as well as including specification of any deaf and/or blindness for support purposes. You may RSVP on Eventbrite or contact us directly.

Location: Dyson School of Design Engineering
Imperial College London
10 Princes Gardens
South Kensington

Date: Saturday, 24 September 2016

Time: 12:00 Noon - 14:00 pm, with refreshment provided

Our design team includes designers from the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College, and other professionals, and we're looking to bring on board more people with actual experience being deaf and/or blind. Whether or not you're interested in future involvement, you will be credited in the film (if you're happy to be) for supporting in this first stage of design development. Furthermore, by attending this event, you will also support a more accurate portrayal of deaf and/or blind experience in film.

If you have an interest in creative projects, film, activism for deaf and blind, and are deaf and/or blind yourself, please contact Jerome or Kate to come along. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please remember to RSVP for catering and other purposes: Jerome is reachable at, alternatively, you may contact Kate on +44 (0) 7913312793.