Expand your production's audience with Closed Captioning



Five Fifty Five Productions was founded upon the goal to promote messaging and productions that provide marginalised groups a greater voice. With work on short and feature films surrounding characters from these groups, we're working to make our films actually accessible by marginalised groups. #CaptionsMatter, and adding them is one simple way that we're making our films more accessible and reaching a wider audience.

If you've not added Closed Captioning (CC) to your own YouTube videos, there is a very simple 5 step process you will find below.

Courtesy of Google Support:


Additionally, you can also add CC to Vimeo videos, although they have not made it very effortless, and their method is not as straightforward as YouTube's. We encourage you to add your voice to ours and write to Vimeo requesting a more easy-to-use method to add CC to Vimeo videos. In fact, please feel free to share our letter to Vimeo, or write your own.

Check out our YouTube videos with CC here. Good luck with your own videos!