London Premiere of King Cowboy Rufus

Five Fifty Five are thrilled to put our expertise in filming theatre to good use by collaborating with Director and Designer of KING COWBOY RUFUS RULES THE UNIVERSE, Patrick J Kennedy, to create a promotional film for the London Premiere of the production. 

King Rufus Cowboy Rules the Universe is what TimeOut calls an "outlandishly named [musical]...layered with political satire." This surreal comedy by Richard Foreman was originally inspired by George Bush, but with another buffoonish President in the White house it may be just as relevant. Compositions by Kieran Stallard as well accompaniment by Mr Stallard and Nathan Harding.

Stewart Briggs as King Rufus Cowboy
Kate Baxter as Baron Herman De Voto
Madelaine Nicole Jennings as Suzie Sitwell
Jessica Foden as Rhoda
Dev Joshi as Sophia

Five Fifty Five Productions
Director/DP: Alex Harrison
Producer: Kate Baxter
Music: Kieran Stallard
Recording/Mixing: Kieran Stallard
Edit/Colour: Alex Harrison
Assistant Director: Edel Gardner
Production Manager: Hollie Murten